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Delivery Boy Roy, or Roy for short, is Papa Louie's nephew in the Papa Louie games.

This delivery boy wears Pizzeria’s uniform: A red shirt with a white print of a pizza and the words "Papa's Pizzeria", blue jeans with belt, a blue cap with a red visor and a white print same as his shirt. He wears dark gray shoes with red shoelaces.

Roy appears as a playable chef in Papa's Pizzeria.

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Delivery Boy Roy


Roy is more then a mere pizza delivery boy. Ever since he was left alone at work, Roy reluctantly took on the roles of cook, waiter, and general manager of Papa’s Pizzeria. When he’s not prepping pizzas, Roy can usually be found running errands for his uncle, Papa Louie.

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Papa Louie: When Pizza Attack as the instuction giver.

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