Welcome to Cyclomaniacs Wiki!


Welcome to Cyclomaniacs Wiki!Here you can find the characters from Cyclomaniacs Versions.Like Robot Jam, Cyclo King,Mr.C,Presta The Clown,Bad VIcking,The Big G, Flying Squirell,Longanimals,Princess Jessica,Sarge,Gregjitsu,Gregzilla etc.Be sure thet you read the riles!

The Rules:Edit

Just reaad them good!

  • Don't make any fake informations
  • Don't hurt any of the users
  • Don't break any relationships of users
  • Don't delete any page that users has make
  • If you make a fake information,the page will delete
  • Don't make any bad things in this wiki.Please!

Top CyclersEdit

Top 3:Edit

  • Cyclo King
  • The Prof
  • Gregater

Top 5:Edit